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Posted on: February 11, 2009 11:20 am

The Amar'e Situation

Rumors are flying around like flies around crap.  Amare is a hot trade topic, but I guess my question is why?  Why would Steve Kerr do such a thing?  Why is he completely and utterly dismantling the Phoenix Suns?  It is as if he wants to reassemble the 1998 Eastern Conference NBA All Star team, considering his main acquisitions have been Grant Hill and Shaq.  Why would you take the best power forward in the game, the starting PF in the All Star game, and the best young talent on the team and even consider trading him?  We know that Kerr isn't a fan of athletic players entering their prime, just look at the departure of Shawn Marion.

I have been a Suns fan for quite some time.  That equates to a lot of disappointing playoff runs.  If Steve Kerr deals Amare, that's it.  I can not watch a GM who doesn't  try to solve problems through coaching (who pressures a coach that wins 50+ games four years in a row to leave?).  It seems that whenever abrasiveness is presented to Kerr, he must trade.  He is too trade happy.  Wherever Amare goes, I am instantly a fan of that team.  Nash, Hill, and Shaq are old.  There time is this league is nearing it's end.  What happens when they are gone?  Rookies and no leadership, with Terry Porter trying to run a 1990 Trail Blazers scheme in a modern league. 

This is what happens when we let a former Spur run our team.

Amare goes, I boycott!

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